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Part I: Copyright Policy

Social norm

All papers submitted to the Empirical Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Letters (EEQEL) must be original and innovative. They must not be submitted to other journals at the same time. It will take only 1 month for the reviewing process, then the authors will be notified whether the paper is accepted or not. Please kindly be patient. 


All papers submitted to EEQEL must be original. They have not been published in these kinds of publications:

1. Other journals

2. Book chapters

3. Any kind of publications that the authors have signed the Copyright Agreement Form to transfer the copyright to the publishers

EEQEL fights against plagiarism. No paper that violates the international practice of plagiarism will be published in EEQEL. Please see the guidline of checking plagiarism in Part II of this article.


The journal welcome papers that are presented in the forms of:

1. Papers presented in international conferences; 
with the reservation that the authors have not signed the Copyright Agreement Form to transfer the copyright of the paper to the conference.

2. Modified papers after international conferences
which are substantially different from the papers presented in the conference.

3. Working papers including MPRA (Munich)

4. Papers presented in International Conferences of the Thailand Econometric Society (TES)

5. Papers presented in Internatonal Conferences on Asian Economic Development (AED or CMSE Midyear Conference)

6. Doctoral dissertations

7. Master dissertations

8. Original and quality papers that has not been presented in any conference or published elsewhere.


Authors of accepted papers must sign the Copyright Agreement Form EEQEL to transfer the copyright of the paper to the journal. After sending the form to the journal, the authors cannot publish the paper in other journals or book chapters without written permission from the journal.  When an author signs the form, it means that he or she acts for all co-authors in the copyright transfer. 

All copyrights of the paper will be then reserved by Center of Quantitative Analysis, Faculty of Economics, Chiang Mai University.

The journal is not responsible for any violation of copyright made by authors or other third persons such as re-submission of the papers to other kinds of publications after signing the Copyright Agreement Form and sending the form to the  journal.

This copyright policy follows international standard.

Part II: EEQEL fights against plagiarism.

Policy toward plagiarism

EEQEL accepts papers with understandable English, not to be perfect.
But we cannot accept the copy and paste of even a single phrase or sentence.

DO and DON'T

1. Copy and paste of all kinds and from all resources are forbidden even a single phrase or sentence.

2. Exact phrase or sentence must be put in quotation marks, "...".

For example,  "...EEQEL fights against plagiarism...".

Writing the name of authors and year of the work in a bracket after the phrase or sentence is NOT ENOUGH and still UNACCEPTABLE.

3. You have to write every single sentence by yourself. You must summarize or re-write other authors' works by using your own words.

Warning and punishment:

1. First warning

EEQEL will warn the authors only twice for their plagiarism.

In the first warning, the author will be given a YELLOW card. EEQEL will not allow the authors to submit paper for 6 MONTHS after the day of warning.

2. Second warning

EEQEL will not be patient to the same authors who were warned by the yellow card.
The last warning is to give the RED card to the authors who repeat plagiarism both intentionally and unintentionally.  EEQEL will BAN the authors for their WHOLE LIVES.

This warning and punishment are to apply to ALL authors of the paper, unless EEQEL acknowledges that the plagiarim is made by only some authors or a specific author. The punishment will be then applied to just the authors who are guilty.

3. Withdrawal of university degree

Authors who got bachelor, master or doctoral degree by publishing an academic paper with plagiarism in EEQEL are to be reported to the related university for a possible WITHDRAWAL of the degree.

4. Legal issue

Authors of the paper with plagiarism must face legal issues or troubles raised by the owners of copyright according to the Thai Copyright Act 1994 (B.E. 2537).

Authors of the paper with plagiarism must pay all fines for the violation of the copyright.

EEQEL is not responsible for any legal issue regarding to the violation of the copyright due to plagiarism. This is cleary stated in the Copyright Agreement Form that the authors certify the originality and non-plagiarism of the papers, and will take all responsibilities to all legal charges or sues made by the third party according to the violation of copyright.