The Empirical Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Letters (EEQEL)

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Board of advisors:

Professor Dr. Songsak Sriboonchitta
(Chiang Mai School of Economics, Thailand)

Professor Dr. Hung T. Nguyen
(New Mexico State University, USA, and Chiang Mai School of Economics, Thailand)

Professor Dr. Berlin Wu 
(National Chengchi University, Taiwan)


Dr. Komsan Suriya (Editor-in-chief
(Chiang Mai School of Economics, Thailand)

Dr. Nalitra Thaiprasert (Co-editor) (Thailand)

Tatcha Sudtasan, M. Econ (Assistant editor) (Thailand)

Advisory editors from more than 15 countries:
(to be contacted and invited by the editors)

Dr. Pisit Leeahtam (Thailand)
Dr. Cheng Hsiao (USA)
Dr. Vladik Kreinovich (USA)
Dr. Peter Calkins (Canada and Thailand)
Dr. Wan-Tran Huang (Taiwan)
Dr. Wing-Keung Wong (Hongkong)
Dr. Cathy Chen (Taiwan)
Dr. Boris Choy (Australia)
Dr. Kyaw Min Htun (Myanmar)
Dr. Sompong Dhompongsa (Thailand)
Dr. Krisorn Jittorntrum (Thailand)
Dr. Aree Wiboonpongse (Thailand)
Dr. Qingfeng Liu (Japan)
Dr. Shaoping Wang (China)
Dr. Johannes Broecker (Germany)
Dr. Holger Seebens (Germany)
Dr. Daniel Tsegai (Germany)
Dr. Caroline Winewald (Germany)
Dr. Nadine Reis (Germany)
Dr. Tatjana Bauer (Germany)
Dr. Nicole Grunewald (Germany)
Dr. Robert Rudolf (Germany)
Dr. Karel Eisenstrass (Germany)
Dr. Janette Walde (Austria)
Dr. Klaus Weiermair (Austria)
Dr. Vicente Ramos (Spain)
Dr. M.D. Alam Mondal (Bangladesh)
Dr. Patricia Mazikati (Zimbabwe)
Dr. Mina Wasti (Nepal)
Dr. Emmanuel Derbile (Ghana)
Dr. Tilaye Deneke (Ethiopia)
Dr. Jonatan Lassa (Indonesia)
Dr. Huu Pham Cong (Vietnam)
Dr. Tuan Vo Van (Vietnam)
Dr. Le Thanh Tam (Vietnam)
Dr. Ni Lar (Myanmar)
Dr. Renu Sukharomana (Thailand)
Dr. Supawat Rungsuriyawiboon (Thailand)
Dr. Pungpond Rukumnuaykit (Thailand)
Dr. Anan Wattanakuljarus (Thailand)
Dr. Reungchai Tansuchat (Thailand)
Dr. Pichayalak  Pichayakul (Thailand)
Dr. Rossarin Osathanunkul (Thailand)

Authors can suggest a list of experts in the field to be reviewers.
The decision, invitation and contancts will be made by editors.