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Submission guideline:

By submission to EEQEL, the author agrees to accept the terms and conditions in this submission guideline.

1. Language: English

2. Format: MS-word and PDF files

3. Template:

      3.1  The length of a paper should be around 6  to 14 pages of A4 size including abstract and references.
             ***  From volume 3 on, 
                   any paper which is longer than 14 pages will be automatically rejected. ***

      3.2  Abstract should be less than 500 words. 
      3.3  For other details, please download and follow this template. 
             >>Download Template version 2014 in MS-Word<< 

     3.4  Please be kindly noted that the publication of your paper will be delayed many months when you don't help us to arrange the paper according to the template. Papers that suits the template, not to be perfect but good-looking like the template, will have priorities for the publication.

     3.5  For the references, please strictly follow this style.

The paper that fails to do so will be immediately returned to the sender because we cannot bear the cost of editing the messy references. Your kind help will ensure that the journal will be able to offer free of charge for both the submission and publication. Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Surname1, Name1, Name2 Surname2 and Name3 Surname3. Year without  bracket. "Paper title," Journal name volume, number (Month year): pp. 1 - 10.

Note (1) please use "and" instead of "&".
         (2) please use "and" in front of the last author.
         (3) please do not cover the Year with bracket. Otherwise we return it to you to take them out.
         (4) In the modern issues of EEQEL, we prefer to use this style "Paper Title," so please strictly use the same style.
         (5) The name of the journal is connected with the volume without comma.
         (6) don't forget to add "pp." in front of the page number.
         (7) Never put "Name" of the first author before "Surname", even the Thai name or other Easterners' names.
         (8) Ensure that the references are arranged from A to Z.
         (9) When the same author is cited more than once, please list the oldest paper first.
        (10) When the same author is cited for his or her work with co-authors, please list the work that he or she did alone first following with that work, regardless the year of publication.

4. Authors must use equation editor in MS-Word to create equations. Copy and Paste the picture of equations is unacceptable because it will reduce the printing quality.

5. The corresponding author must be mentioned clearly. The postal address of the corresponding author must be clarified. The affiliates of all authors must also be reported with email addresses.

6. Submit electronically to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it only.

7. Authors can suggest readers who are experts in the topics to be the referees.

8. The reviewing process will take around 15 days from the receiving of the first manuscript. Only the quality papers will be forwarded to referrees. Low quality or unqualified papers will be rejected by the editor quite immediately after the submission. This process will speed up the reviewing process.

After that, the author must revise the paper and re-submit to EEQEL by 1 month (30 days) after receiving the comments and suggestions of the referees, otherwise the consideration for the publication in EEQEL will be cancelled. This is to speed up the publication process within 2 months after receiving of the first manuscript.

9. Authors must write a separate letter to response to all the comments of the referees and submit this letter to the editor.

10. After the notification of acceptance, please sign, scan and submit the Copyright Agreement Form to the editor.

11. The editor preserves his or her right to edit, correct, format, delete and add the content in the paper to make it sutiable for the publication without prior notice to the author and without the allowance of the author. This process can also occur after issuing the acceptance letter to the authors if necessary.

12. The published paper will be available online at

13. No submission fee and publishing fee. Thanks to the supporters.

14. Please consider to cite previous papers of EEQEL. This will help the journal to increase its impact factor. The paper with this cross-citation will be given priority for the publication.

15. All inquiries and suggestions can be made to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

16. EEQEL does not publish hard copy anymore due to the limited budget. Then please don't ask for the hard copy. The journal is open access. That is good enough for everyone. Thank you for joining EEQEL to share your valuable publication to the world.